Competency is that unique blend of ability and behavior. Ability is about having the right knowledge, experience and skills molded into the individual or group to carry out the tasks on any given day that really comes through the training process in early start and carrying out trough the generation of your life. The other thing that aligns with competency equation is behavioral side. It involves understanding the attitude. understanding the consequences of actions that you take and having the right attitude in terms of performance and effects that can be seen upon our attitude by whole range of factors.

Competency Test

Competency tests are increasingly being used as a main recruitment process for new positions. private and governmental organizations has developed their own sets of competency test frameworks and they test competency against those frameworks. Research has shown that competency based tests are five times more effective in right appointments. Competency tests sometimes referred as behavioral tests or situational tests are point 5 predictor of future performance, which is a very strong predictor. As a result most of the questions that you get in the competency test tends to be based on past experiences. Competency tests are going to measures proficiency in certain tasks. Theses tests really helps you build the framework for your performance management systems which are usually used for the promotion of the employees, self development, career planning and things like recruiting a new person for certain position.

This competency test tries to determine your competency in five category. Each category contains the 5 questions so there are 25 questions in total.

  • Self-Assessment Competencies
  • Career Awareness Competencies
  • Goal Setting Competencies
  • Skill Development Competencies
  • Career Management Competencies

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