High emotional intelligence or EQ is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. People who have high emotional intelligence usually have a batter understanding of how world works and how people works among each other. However many people have hard time trying to understanding what emotional intelligence actually means. Take this EQ test to know more.

EQ Test

If you have high emotional intelligence, it suggests that you are good at recognizing your emotions and emotions of those around you. In order to asses your emotional intelligence in this EQ test what we look for is how you deal with certain situations and how easily you can navigate through life because you have learnt to do things well. The more you learn it the more you have apply this knowledge and batter your emotional intelligence will be. Emotional intelligence can be a powerful tool in today’s world where things change rapidly. It’s something that shows how much life experience you have.

Usually with increased age emotional intelligence will go up because you have made more experience with life. The two factors that we look at during EQ test are push button reactions which means how do you deal with things when it’s not in your favor and how things around you trigger emotional reaction within you. Second factor is to do with the likes and dislikes which determines how much you learn to love certain areas of life and how much of it you still challenge.

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