IQ scores can help us predict how people might learn in the near future and assess their intelligence. IQ scores can affect diagnosis of intellectual disability, which can inform public policy about education programs to support different students. This free IQ test philosophy topics for essays how to write a college paper helps you to determine your mental age. This free IQ test is not your average test. You can’t study for it, Because this free IQ test supposed to measure, how well can you reason, how well can you find relationship between seemingly unrelated things. Average score for this free IQ test is 100, Lower then 70 indicates mental developmental delays and above 130 indicates exceptional intelligence.

Free IQ Test

The Idea of IQ scores assert that certain populations are batter then others because they are more intelligent as a group and that intelligence can be summed up in a single number, their intelligence quotient or IQ. All pointer from this free IQ Test are estimates of intelligence,  although there are other factors involved in while assessing intelligence of a given person. IQ scores are often linked to factors like morbidity and mortality, parental social status to a substantial degree and biological parental IQ.

IQ scores are often helpful in educational placement, assessment of intellectual disability and evaluating job applicants. Even when students improve their scores on standardized tests, they do not always improve their cognitive abilities, such as memory, attention and speed but these tests can be used as a benchmark.

In this free IQ test, you will be given series of questions. Attempt all the questions for maximum score although you can skip the question if you are not confident about the answer. There are no negative marking.

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