Effective management is the first key point in passing the numerical reasoning test. Managing your time during the numerical reasoning test is one of the most efficient tool. You are being measured on two things when you attempt this numerical reasoning test. How many questions did you get right and how much time did  you take to answer these questions.

Numerical reasoning test

When you are attempting this numerical reasoning test you need to avoid unnecessary calculations on questions that aren’t going to be solved. Plan your calculation course. Due to time pressure we tend to rush into calculations, not bearing in mind that planning your steps ahead for 20 precious seconds could, in fact, save a great deal of time in escaping a lengthy calculations. Good practice to attempt this numerical reasoning test would be to use command multiplier and ignoring multiplication factors when possible.

Interpretation of information

You are usually going to be presented with vast array of data in charts and tables. Typically you will only need to use portion of that. Interpretation of information is about understanding which parts are actually relevant to the question being asked. While attempting the test, speed is important but accuracy is also important. You need to get all the questions right in just right amount of time. This test does not have any negative marking but other tests might have negative marking.

you need to attempt all the questions in given amount of time. Click the button below to start the test and start answering the questions.

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