Verbal reasoning test is one of the elements of assessment process that many people worry about beforehand. Unlike IQ test formats you can actually prepare for the verbal reasoning test beforehand. Actually more you practice it the batter you get at it.

Verbal Reasoning Test

During verbal reasoning test you will be presented with passage of writing to begin with and then you will be asked statements on that passage of writing and each one of those statements, you will have to answer it weather it’s true or false or you can not say. It’s really important that you read that passage carefully and understand it before you come to conclusion because it can be dense and deliberately boring so you might left out important details.

If you get really stuck while answering your statements, try reading the sentence backwards. What you often find is there will be a lot of circular references in verbal reasoning test. There will be sentences where it’s deliberately long and verbose. So sometimes sentence reversal can really help you decode that statement where a lot of circular references are present.

Manage your time carefully. Typically in verbal reasoning tests there will be somewhat around 90 seconds for each question and that’s what you want to aim for each question. If you are stumped upon on one question, you really can’t figure out then just move on. Calculate the number of questions beforehand and see how many questions you have to answer in a given time frame then partition the time that you get accordingly among all the questions. Don’t spend too much time on a single question.

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